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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Attention LSMSA'ers

Received via email today:

Greetings fellow alumni of LSMSA---Please forward this message to any mailing lists, or post in relevantplaces where members of your class hang out.I want to let you know that there are two online forums where LSMSAalumni are gathering.The first is This site has been around for 6 monthsand has become fairly active. It restricts membership to those whohave attended (but not necessarily graduated from) LSMSA. To speedthe validation process, you can put me down as a referrer-- in thereferrer box put JayPrince (no space.) This isn't an affiliatescheme or anything like that, just the secret knock so you don't haveto wait to be validated.The second forum is This site is brand new and isjust getting started.Both of these are worthy places to meet your fellow alums, and aremuch better than, etc, for networking. Many peoplethought to be lost have been found and it really is like having areunion whenever you like-- the respect is there, the comraderie isthere and the sense of humor is there.Hope to see you soon!Jay

Please notify other gifties who you might know.


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Anonymous said...

Check out the new Alumni section of the NEW and IMPROVED