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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time To Regroup

I've been slacking on making enough money at work. It's not that I haven't been working, but about 50% or more of what I do is nonbillable. That means it is paid for in one lump, monthly payment by the public defenders office. If I have a little or a lot of work, it pays the same thing. And lately, I have a lot of work. Add to that vacation, sick leave when Ander had his ear infection, the early pregnancy symptoms, the miscarriage, and the holidays, and I've barely been in the office 50% of the time. And the nonbillable work still needs to be done timely, which means billable stuff (unless it is critical) gets put off. I don't make any money doing that.

Therefore, I am doing a few things to increase billing. First, I'm going to set up an incentive program for my staff to inspire them to help me get on track. Lots of times, they have little questions that take up time, or we gossip for a half hour instead of working, and I don't reach my billables goal. I hope incentives will help them keep me on track. Also, I'm not going to be doing Strollerfit, so I'll try to workout at different times of day, so I'm at the office much more.

BTW, anyone else go to the YMCA? What do you think of the aerobics classes? The childcare? The hours? The tv selection? (Hey, priorities, people!)



Mamaebeth said...

every Y has a different feel to it. we like southside but not manship. AC Lewis on Foster has the best nursery and the most classes. i also like the one down town. all of them should let you go in and check it out.

Stac Cole said...

I like having a YMCA membership b/c I can go to the one downtown and the one at Lamar Dixon. I really like the facility at Lamar. They offer great classes at reasonable times and daycare is FREE! The one at Lamar has child care from 8am - 12pm and then 4pm - 7pm. To me the cost is comparable to a regular old gym, but you get so much more out of your membership!

Frog said...

I don't think there are very many YMCAs here in New Orleans. I wish there were!! Is there one near your house?