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Monday, December 10, 2007

Doing My Part

In the interest of science (and, merely coincidentally), I tried the new Fruity Pebbles to find out whether they are truly "Now Even Tastier" as promised.

Nope. Exactly the same. Perhaps a dash sweeter, which isn't a good thing, seeing as they started out too sweet.

Alan and I attended the LA House of Reps Christmas party this year. We met the Speaker's wife (wonderfully sweet lady), a representative I know through the legal community, and Alan's co-workers. The Lt. Gov. was there, but I didn't get to meet him. How did we end up there? It was surreal.

Did I mention that I ate far more than my share of shrimp cocktail and pecan pork roast? Yummy, and free.

Oh, and the Ds watched Ander. Ander came home happy and fed, which is how I like him. He *might* have picked up a few *special* words from Mr. P, but that's the risk you assume when you send Ander to the Ds house. ;) Alan and I really need to swap sitting with the Ds more often so that the adults can party more.

When and where did my son learn to insert the words three, eight, ten, and twelve into a twelve count, at the correct time and in the correct space? Hmm. And why not one, two, three...which is what I actually work on?


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pacatrue said...

The Ds huh? I didn't know the Democrats were personally running a child care service now. I always assumed they just wanted to fund one. I'm glad they taught him stuff though.