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Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting Life Together

Yesterday, I planned my billables goals for the month of January. I have plenty of actual work to do, but I need to focus on getting it done. So I have a daily billables goal (based on what I want to make this upcoming year and whether I have Strollerfit or a nonbillable court date or meeting that day). But I think I'm also going to create a daily schedule.

Now, it needs to be flexible, because I cannot just not answer the phone (as that's how new business and lots of billables come in). Also, I have things in the morning (Strollerfit through the end of January and court dates) about 3 or 4 days each week. And sometimes I have nonbillable work that must be done on a deadline (like filing a pleading or calling a counselor for a juvenile).

So I think I'll make this my schedule:

1. Process in-box (do short stuff, calendar stuff that takes longer and give to staff to file appropriately, discard or put other things in the to be filed box for staff). MAY INCLUDE BILLABLES
2. Process e-mail (same routine). MAY INCLUDE BILLABLES
3. Do Priority One assignments in PDA. MAY INCLUDE BILLABLES
4. Meet billables goal.
5. Do any other assignments for that date or move them to new date.

That way, I don't have a crowded in-box and have a checklist to follow. In February, I'll start going to the Y, so I won't miss so much work to workout.


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