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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Organizing Dream

Having a laptop means I can use Palm Desktop as I do my work. Score! It saves so much time to enter billables directly, or change tasks, or send the staff an email with an assignment. It even makes working more fun. Right now, I'm watching the news, doing some brainless nonbillable work, and Alan is playing xbox. Happiness all around. Well, as much happiness you get while you are working.

I use my pda for everything, so this is really, really nice. Since I work away from the office so often, it was getting old always having to sync my pda and then make changes at a coffee shop or from home with a stylus. Now, I just keep my laptop handy while I work, and there it is.

Am I too easily excited?

He he.

How do other moms survive without a planner or pda?



Anonymous said...

I can do without the planner (ok, but I do rely on my work calendar to let me know anything going on that afternoon) and pda...questions is, How did YOU survive all this time without a laptop :)

And I'm wondering how our football league was ever run without one either! It's so much easier to be in the middle of a train of thought and send out a quick league-wide email then have to type a letter, print it out and hand it out.

Mathochist said...

"How do other moms survive without a planner or pda?"

I have NO IDEA as I am completely lost without mine, and I don't even work any more. Well, not for pay anyway! ;)