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Friday, September 7, 2007

Attending CLE

Continuing legal education. It's dull and boring. But that's okay, because there's always good food. Only, the food sucked. The only good thing was the coffee, so I drank four cups. Too much coffee, just in case you wondered. :/

Brien introduced me to the British version of Coupling. I am addicted! It is so good, and funny, and sweet. It makes me want to dress better, and then I realize that I already dress better than the Brits. :)



Anonymous said...

Based on usage, coupling does not mean to you what it does to me. Pray thee, do tell: what, then, is coupling? -Plotnik

Aggiedoone said...

The British Coupling is, of course, the original and far better version. We love it. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...