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Thursday, September 20, 2007


When Ander woke us up at 6:30 a.m. (sigh), I went ahead and gave him his milk sippy and sat at my laptop and did some work. It's now an hour later, Ander is dressed for the day (we took little breaks due to a stinky diaper and his discovery that he had socks...yes, momma, I must wear them now...sigh...on the table). He watched cartoons (and half slept) while I watched the news (how 'bout that Jena Six, huh?) and did some nonbillable work (meaning work essential to my practice, but not for clients, per se). I got so muhc done in that tiny little hour. Having a laptop means I can use the whole island in the kitchen to work and spread out my files. It's great. I feel so productive. I still have time to pack clothing for this afternoon (I'm going straight to my mom's after Strollerfit to babysit all the kids while she gets her hair cut) so I can get work done at work, too. Excellent.

Brien is coming to town. And Michelle is visiting at some point. It should be fun.

We are considering a vacation trip to Austin or San Antonio. What should we not miss (considering we'll have a toddler along) if we go to either?


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Anonymous said...

You should see the round rock in Round Rock. What's cooler than petrified wagon wheel ruts?
You should miss Inner Space Cavern. Nothing to see there.
The Candle Factory in Georgetown gives tours, if you like that thing.
I think Robin and Deweese still live in Austin... they got wierd when the kid came, and I haven't spoken to them in years.
6th street, in Austin downtown, is a happening place for nightlife, if you're into that drink-till-you-puke and watch-the-college-girls-make-fools-of-themselves scene. And there are great burritos and gyros, cheap, up and down the strip.
Lake Travis might be interesting to Ander.
Fischer[Julie], now a Palke, is in Houston, which is a worthwhile stopover if you're driving. So is Misty's sister, Lorna, and her husband, The-Former-Guardsman-Formerly-Known-as-First-to-Fire.
Depending when you're there, Stacy and the kids might be worth seeing. We've got a wedding to attend in Houston sometime in Oct, and will be in Austin that month. We can all have a stroller-fit out to the park to see the ducks. Sam loves ducks. Kuh-wak kuh-wak. -jc