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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Self Sufficiency

It is really important to me that Ander become self-sufficient. We've taken a big step in that direction by taking away the diaper bag and giving him a cute little Elmo backpack. He says "Elmo" and "backpack" now, and he carries it everywhere. It holds a couple of diapers, wipes, a snack, a sippy, and a small toy. When he gets out of the car, he wears Elmo. I feel so free, and he is so proud to do it himself.

He also is learning that when he gets out of the car, he has to put his hands in the "square." It's the cover of the gas cap area, really, but it gives me a second to grab whatever (his backpack, for example) from the car without him running into the parking lot or the street. Obviously, I'll never be able to totally trust that as a way to get him not to run into the street, but it's a useful step towards keeping him safe and letting him be somewhat responsible for his actions.

And today, he tried to put his pants on himself. He failed miserably :), but it was fun watching him try. I've almost got him taking his own shoes off and bringing them to the area where we store shoes. And he puts his toys and books (and my shoes) all in their proper places at the end of the day.

He has also almost totally stopped throwing food on the floor. Instead, he tells us when he is done eating and hands us the bowl.

I am really liking that he can take care of so many things himself. It really makes a huge difference in my day, and he's still at a stage where it's fun for him. 'Course, I'll still make him do these things even when they aren't fun, but for now, this is working spendidly.



Frog said...

I'm really impressed. I need to come take lessons!!

Mathochist said...

Sometimes your quest for his self-sufficency and independence strikes me as a little hurried, but these things all sound like great ideas! I especially like the square one!

One more idea for you, if I may... When Sammy turned 2 we told him that big boys take their plate to the kitchen sink when they are finished eating. We help him actually put it in, but he walks it over there himself. Very shortly thereafter Katie started carrying her plate too. There is an initial week or two of messes to wipe off the floor, but they both got good at it pretty quickly. I am _hoping_ this will set the stage for them helping with more after-meal clean up when they are tall enough to actually reach something!

Giftie Etcetera said...

Hurried? I tried to teach him the clean up song while he was still in my tummy. I figure he's way behind. ;)

Mathochist said...

Yeah, well, you always were a little obsessed with having things clean. (Vaguely recalling a big stink over the infamous chore chart from when you lived with K & B...)