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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My New Desk Area

I moved my office totally around today. Basically, my office has three distinct areas (well, four, if you count the bathroom). I hesitate to call them offices, because we have real walls, but no doors. When I first moved in, and had to run the whole thing by myself, I had to use the biggest area because it was the only one with a counter (built-in) big enough for the copy machine, and because I needed to see the door for security reasons, and I needed to have access to everything, since I had no help.

Over time, I got a secretary/office manager and a student worker. The secretary got the obvious reception area, and the student worker got the more private, but not wired for a computer, area.

Well, now I have a laptop. I don't need a wired computer - just a nice, spacious office (with a window, woo hoo). So we rearranged. I am very, very happy. The student worker will also like it, I think, since most of her work is done by the copier/files, and she won't have to come into my office to do her work or have me sitting there watching her while she is doing the work, anymore.


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