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Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Really Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook

I'm a pretty nice person. I try to treat people with love, compassion, and patience. But some people are just toxic. They get on Facebook, call my friends names, and act inappropriately.

(Sometimes, those people also happen to be called "family." That's ALWAYS awkward.)

No matter how nice you are, the time will come when you are forced to block someone on Facebook. To block someone, follow these simple steps (noted in the picture by step number).

1. From your HOME page, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right portion of the screen.

2. Click on "Settings."

3. Click on "Blocking."

4. Add their Facebook name to "Block users" and click "Block."

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Before you make the move to block someone, make sure that you know what blocking actually does and does not do.

People who are blocked won't see:

*Your profile on Facebook IF they are searching while logged into Facebook as themselves.

*Your wall posts - even the public ones - IF they are searching while logged into Facebook as themselves.

*Your posts on the walls of mutual friends IF they are logged into Facebook as themselves.

*Any active notification that they have been blocked.

People who are blocked can see:

*Your public profile IF logged out of Facebook or logged in as anyone else.

*Your posts IF logged in as one of your friends.

*Any posts or comments on mutual friends' walls about you, except yours.

CAUTION: This means that if I block Jim's friend Sue, and Jim posts a comment that says something about your response, Sue will see that comment by Jim mentioning you, though not your comments. The missing parts of the thread may hint to Sue that she has been blocked.

*Any posts by you commenting in a mutual group can be seen by admins, blocked or not. Admins can be added at any time by other admins.

CAUTION: This is the most awkward situation.

Imagine Jim and Sue are both in the Giftie Etcetera Facebook group and Jim has blocked Sue. They will not be able to tag each other, but anything Jim writes will be visible to Sue if she happens to admin the group, except that Jim's name will be written in BOLD instead of as a link, so now Sue knows that Jim has blocked her.

It's like a flashing sign: YOU'VE BEEN BLOCKED.

TIP: If you really need to hide from the person (say because you have a restraining order out against them), block any mutual friends and leave any groups that the blocked person or mutual friends might admin.

I didn't list the emotional and social consequences of blocking, but people will be mad at you. For me, it is worth an awkward moment at a family reunion when a cousin or aunt says, "I think you must have blocked me on Facebook."

My response? A cheerful smile and a "yes, you were being rude. Life's much more peaceful now." That really gets them angry, but it also shuts them up.

For more information on Facebook privacy, click on the Facebook tag below.

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AdriansCrazyLife said...

I hear you on this one. My husband has an assortment of redneck relatives that I don't care to hear much from. However, instead of blocking them completely and going through all the drama that entails, I've chosen just to mute them. There is a new button you can click to say "Show me less of this". In fact, I just did it to one of my own toxic relatives today. It does come in quite handy and then you can spend more time enjoying the friendly and positive people in your feed!

Unknown said...

That's funny! I haven't had to block anyone just yet but I'll keep these things in mind in case I ever have to!

Thanks for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!

Jaime Barfield said...

I have blocked people on Facebook before. I hate having to resort to it because it is silly, but sometimes people are immature or vicious and Facebook childish attacks make it important to block.

Sometimes I consider parting with Facebook profile all together. I actually know an old co-worker who closed her Facebook down and was HAPPIER because of it. However, I would miss out on the informational stuff like upcoming events, facebook groups, etc.

DonnaB said...

I haven't blocked anyone but have come close a couple of times! I have a young relative whose posts used to annoy me, but I didn't want to block him. I have "Unfollowed" him (when you click on a person's page, you will see that you are friends and that you are following them. I just clicked the word "Followed" and chose the unfollow option. Now we are still friends, we can still communicate if we want, but I don't see any of his posts unless I choose to look him up.

Unknown said...

I've done far more "unfollowing" than blocking. I've "unfollowed" friends who post lots of direct sales stuff, the relatives who post silly or offensive memes and nothing else... I don't have to see it, and no one's offended.

Unknown said...

I've never had to block anyone, knock on wood, yet. But one person blocked me. It was cool, he was being rude and disrespectful, it saved me the time of blocking him!

I can imagine that it causes a sticky situation if you know the person, at that point I guess you have to weigh whether being miserable each day on Facebook is worth the infrequent running into the person.

Charissa said...

I love your response when people ask about it! Sometimes it's worth it to reduce the drama in your life. #TipTuesday

Debbie said...

A great point there! I used to have people blocked on my FB, but sincerely, I don't even remember why.
When I found out, I removed it immediately. Maybe I had a reason that I forgot, but it made no sense anymore.
I do have filters though and I make sure I am consistent with them.
Thanks a lot for sharing it on #TipTuesday!

Veronika | Tickled Pink Confetti said...

Hope I don't have to block anyone, but At least I know what the repercussions are. I still prefer to confront them in real life, though. :) Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I have only blocked one person. If only I could block them from real life, too. ;)

Crystal Green said...

When you're blocking someone it truly is an emotional experience for sure. Thank you for explaining what happens when you truly block someone. I had to do a trial run with some of my friends when I blocked someone. I honestly wish we could block them 100%, but that's not always easy to do online anymore.

Great post filled with valuable information.

Unknown said...

This is great information! I haven't had to block anyone yet, but recently I did go through my news feed and "unfollow" a WHOLE LOT of people. My newsfeed is so much more peaceful and fun now! It was one of the best things I've done!

Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Wind-Down party! =)

Michelle said...

I have several people blocked on my Facebook. Others (like family) I choose to unfollow and I put them on my restricted list. That way they won't see what I post. However, it is hard to put someone on the restriction list because Facebook makes it hard to even find it. Instead, you have to go to each friend and find the restriction that way, then when you post you can choose to share with friends, except restricted. Facebook makes this a little too complicated though, especially for those who don't really don't what to do. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I so knew all of this, but when you put it that was it sounds sooo funny. Great post... I recently wrote a post about why I changed Facebook accounts, and I gave up on blocking lol... Only genuine friends for me thanks.
I'm sharing this post too :)

Mudpie Fridays said...

Ha ha I have actually recently blocked a single white female exfriend! I kinda want her to know as she is now out of my life and it would be good if she doesnt make the same mistakes with other new friendships she goes onto make. Thanks for sharing :) #featuredfriday

PurpleSlob said...

YUp, had to block my dad and unfriend my daughter. Quite a few hurt feelings, but worth it really.

Unknown said...

Great post! Very useful. I always wondered what would happen if I were to block someone. Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp