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Friday, July 10, 2015

3 Places to Put Task Lists in Planner

My task lists basically go in three places in my planner.

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*Day or week-specific tasks go on my weekly pages.

*Someday/maybe tasks go on my Project section in a project called tasks.

*Tasks that I need to do soon, but not on a specific date (say, due within the next month) go on a hot list in my dashboard.

This week, my "tasks that I need to do soon" list is too long. So I culled it.

Tasks that really could be put off (maybe indefinitely) went on the someday/maybe list.

I circled tasks that needed to be scheduled this week or next and scheduled them.

Then I made a new dashboard list with whatever was left.

If I do this once a month or so (whenever my dashboard post-it gets full), I get a good balance of not recopying too often but getting to make good decisions on a regular basis and reassess my priorities.


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Carla said...

Don't you just love that Someday/Maybe list? That gets filed behind the A-Z tabs. Just can"t decide if they go as Projects, using your indexing system, or as S, for Someday/Maybe I'll get to this stuff. Non-date-specific tasks go on a ToDo sheet that's punched and slit for mobility. When my daily stuff is done, and if I have the time (more likely, energy) I can do something off this list. If this list wasn't front and center, those mosquitos (annoying critters/tasks) would never get done.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I don't write down someday/maybes that I don't think I'll ever do, so it makes sense to me that those are more active tasks and go in projects. But if I was a person who was like, "hmm, I'd like to write a novel someday," I'd put them in A-Z like you!

My tasks on that list are more things that would make life easier, but don't HAVE to be done. For example:

-make an emergency hospital packing list (for middle of the night ER emergencies)
-organize necklaces