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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The 3 Shopping Lists Essential for Your Planner

If you could do one thing to save time, save money, stay healthy, and eat well, would you do it?

Shopping was probably my biggest weekly time suck for a long time.

Going to the store took forever. I was constantly out of something and running back to the store at the last minute. I would forget stuff. I couldn't cook because I was out of stuff, so I would eat out all the time.

Three continually running shopping lists have solved my time, money, and cooking issues!

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TIP: It is critical that the lists are continually updated.

*Run out of something? Update the lists.

*Plan your weekly menu? Do a quick inventory and update the lists.

*Receive a party invitation? Update the gift and potluck items on the list.

The lists go right in the front cover of my planner, as I need them available to add to anytime I run out of something or think of something that I need to buy.

List #1: Non-Grocery

Most of the stuff that I continually need to buy consists of groceries that I can pick up at my local market.

But I sometimes need other stuff that isn't food. Right now, that stuff includes khaki pants for my son, belts and shoes for the kids for school, and a birthday present.

Those things go on the little blue sticky note (in the above picture, bottom left hand corner).

When something is due to be bought, the sticky moves to my weekly planner to shop. This week, that will be before August 10th, since that's when school starts and the boys need the belts by then.

List #2: Sales

Some things belong on a list because I am out or almost out of them, but they are things best bought in bulk or on sale. (Note that if I need them IMMEDIATELY, they go on one of the other lists instead of the sales list.)

For example, I am out of shrimp (and the corn on the cob that I want to buy with it), but I only buy shrimp on sale. Also, my Magic Eraser has about two more uses in it. I don't use it often, but need it when I do, so I need to start watching for a sale.

Sales go on the blue sticky (in the above picture, near the lower middle) so I can watch for these items to go on sale.

Until shrimp go on sale, I'll stick to cheaper meats!

List #3: Groceries

My running grocery list is the biggest and most active list. I shop about every eight to ten days. Each time, I start a new list when I get home and unload the groceries.

TIP: Train the whole family to tell you when they run out of something that they eat. Make them live without it for eight to ten days a couple of times, and even your little ones will figure it out!

My grocery list is vaguely divided up like my favorite grocery store.

Try setting up three lists and making your life easier!


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Mary Wimbley said...

At the moment, I only have a non-grocery list going in the front of my planner. I will be making a grocery list today, however, and a sales list.

I found a great menu planner page that I absolutely love. Can't remember where I got it, but here's a link to my Pinterest board so others can get it:

Jaime Barfield said...

I keep my grocery list on the fridge for everyone to write down something they want or we run out of. Makes things run much smoother than me trying to keep up with it myself. When I get ready to go to store, I pull list off the fridge and make my store lists, etc based on what is needed. I have found that by doing this, I dont have kids or a husband coming to me saying, "honey we need sugar" or "mom where is the corn dogs" constantly. They know if they look on the list and it still has items on it, I haven't been to store yet. LOL

Unknown said...

I would have a "sale" list, except I always try and get as many things on sale as possible, ha. Most of the time, though, this involves the freezer-to-oven meals. Some weeks, corn dogs are on sale, so those come home. Some weeks, frozen pizza is on sale, so that comes home. Also helps with variety a bit (though I do always try and have some frozen dinner on hand, as I sincerely will not cook every single day!). I probably should be more diligent in my grocery listing, but we manage to eat *something* every day, so that's alright...right?! xD

Anonymous said...

Thank you - great ideas! I keep a list of the fridge, with codes along the left margin for where I need to go to get the item (T=Target; TJ=Trader Joe; D=local farm market). When something on the list becomes critical, I plan a trip. If an errand takes me to the associated part of town, that part of the list goes with me. Family knows to add to the list, so it's generally pretty accurate.