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Monday, July 20, 2015

How to Move From Planner Fail to Planner Success: Schedules Matter

In the world of paper planners, people talk about calendars (for scheduling appointments) and task lists. Sometimes, there is even a discussion or two of project planning or carrying file information.

But there is a rarely talked about component of planners that can move a planner from a mere tool to a rock star instrument for success - schedules.

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I keep my schedules simple, but I block out time for the important stuff: Morning Routine (like pulling something out of the freezer for dinner), Commute, Work, Writing, Workout, Afternoon Routine (doing my daily chores), and Evening Routine (prepping for tomorrow).

(Let's be real...I have a really complicated on-line schedule, thanks in part to my friends in the Giftie Etcetera Facebook group, including the whole family as an overview. But I need something more practical and portable for my planner.)

I did a few things to make the schedule more practical.

*Store the schedule between the monthly spread.

I just drew it on some graph paper. I keep it thin, so it doesn't hide much, but I cannot miss it if I am making a daily plan.

*Have alternate schedules.

I basically have a M/W/F and a T/Th schedule since I only work part-time. Full-timers might want a weekday and weekend schedule.

*Treat the schedule as the bones of the daily plan and build from there.

I adjust my schedule as needed on the daily docket that I usually create, but things that usually happen or usually should happen go on the schedule.

*Note FYI times when applicable.

Husband leaves for work at 6:30 on Tuesdays? Kid has karate on Friday? If it affects you at all, it goes on the schedule.

*Don't overschedule.

My schedule has plenty of open spaces. I can make it to lunches and doctors' appointments without sacrificing work time or my workout, most of the time. Appointments will fill up those blank spaces on a daily basis, so leave some room.

If you weren't feeling well but not sick enough to miss work, what would you try to do? Those are the things that go on a schedule!


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2 comments: said...

I'm not sure I understand. You already have a schedule on your daily docket. Is the new schedule you're talking about your generic plan for certain days? Like a routine or life map?

Giftie Etcetera said...

It's the bones of the schedule. Stuff like carpool drop-off and pick-up, work hours each day, and workout classes.

When I create my daily docket, I copy it over, but this little schedule gives e the starting point. For example, if I know that I leave home at 2:45 p.m. for carpool pick-up, I won't accidentally schedule something else for that time.

Having it on paper really helps making a daily docket a quick and painless process.