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Monday, July 13, 2015

Planners and Paperwork

I try to deal with paperwork as it comes into the house, but sometimes that just is not possible and I get slammed with paperwork.

I have a simple set of five steps to take care of those piles of paperwork.

1. Toss trash.

2. Distribute stuff for others.

TIP: Have a location set up for that purpose or put it on their kitchen chairs tucked under the table.

3. Put any information in my planner that I can.

4. If I cannot write all the information down, write the date/time specific stuff, the task, and WHERE the information is filed in the planner.

5. File anything I need to keep in my HOLD file, SHORT TERM file, or FILES in my home.


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1 comment:

Mary Wimbley said...

Saved this one to Pocket. I need to master the art of handling paperwork like this. :)