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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's In A Name

Lochlan Reilly, aka Loki. It funny how much our relatives hate the name. And strangers. They try to pretend. "Oh, that's interesting." "Wow, that's really unique." (Not really, by the way. The Scottish version of Lochlan, spelled Lochlin, I think, is the number one boy name in Australia.) And Loki just blows their minds. They want to called him Lock-ee instead of Low-key. Which is fine by me...Loki is my nickname for Lochlan and other nicknames aren't bothersome to me, especially as his daddy sometimes calls him Loch...but it's really funny when my family stumbles all over themselves, trying to remember how to pronounce Loki or to spell Lochlan.

But our friends mostly seem to really appreciate the humor of the name Loki. It sort of gets a kid off the hook, doesn't it, to name him after a god of mischief? It's the opposite of the way I live, but the dream of what I want to be like. Whatever he does, living up to his name will be easy, even if everything else is hard.

Ander and Loki. Who would have thought I would have kids with those names? I am such a Michael/Scott sort of person. But the names fit. They fit perfectly, somehow.



Frog said...

I LOVE both names!! It's not Finnegan, but still I love them. I love Loki too!

Derwinicus said...

I think they're great choices in names! Your family will get used to Loki and Lochlan.