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Friday, October 17, 2008

In Memory

Britt is my age. Actually, she's a year older, so she is 34. My sixteen year old self would say that is old. But my current self thinks that is young - too young to lose your mother.

I met Ms. Tony (Toni?...I never really had to write her name) when I visited her home on my way to my juniors' graduation with my girlfriends. I probably met her before that, but that's the time that I remember. I remember knowing instantly where Ashley and Britt got their pizazz. I remember thinking that Ms. Tony instantly treated me like a daughter. I remember feeling at home.

Ms. Tony always said exactly what she meant. Her expectations were high, no matter the obstacles. Family was incredibly important to her.

Britt is too young to lose her mom. It's a sad day.



Mathochist said...

We hung out at their house once. She was very sweet and very spunky. Thanks for letting us know. 34 is way too young to lose your mom. My condolances to A, B, & C.

Frog said...

I met her a few times also. I agree that she definitely treated me like a daughter too! She raised three great children. She will be missed greatly by her family! She is definitely too young to lose her mother. My prayers are with them all.