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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Room Full of Strangers

In junior high, I was invited to a party by the most popular girl in the class. I still remember that party. I barely knew anyone, but it was the party of the year, so I went anyway. Everyone was polite. All the cute kids said hello.

Then they moved on and I stood in the corner and no one talked to me and it was a nightmare.

Last night was NOT like that.

Last night, I went to a party where I didn't think I would know very many people. I knew the host, casually, because I had worked with her at a previous job. She was friends with my boss, so was ocassionally around. I had read the LSMSA Reunion website postings of many of the guests. I had even gone to school with some of the guests, though I probably never spoke to most of them during high school. (I'm not a snob. Not at all. These people were cool, and intimidating, and smart...I was too shy to talk to such shiny people.)

Turns out, I knew more people than I expected.

Turns out, the people I didn't know WERE shiny...and wonderful...and interesting.

Turns out, I got to see Nae Nae kiss Nolan. (If only you knew the very very very very very straight Nolan...LOL...)

Turns out, the internet people are cool and sweet and made me feel, well, popular.

Turns out, gifties (including those of you who left early from Natchitoches, kicking and screaming or otherwise ;)) are even cooler than I thought.

Thank you, Shannon, for the opportunity to met these wonderful people. Thank you, Dixon, for teaching Ander to crawl through the doggy door. And thank you, gifties, for sharing a bit of yourselves with me last night.

I regret the times when I didn't have time to talk enough with the people there. I regret not getting a sitter for Ander so I could socialize more. I regret all the food I ate (ick this morning).

But I don't regret getting over my silly junior high nervousness and putting on jeans and going to the party of the year. Same time next year?



Frog said...

what kind of party was it? Sounds like fun.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Just a party that one of the girls from the LSMSA Reunion website put together. It was fun!

ShannonK said...

just remember we will just have more for more opportunity to talk.

BTW, tag you are it: