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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Not All Baby Cuddles and Mommy Bliss

It's my first day home alone with the two kids. Alan returned (temporarily) to work so he can stretch out his leave and the time that Loki gets to spend at home with mommy and/or daddy.

Fortunately, Loki nursed a bit late (almost midnight), so Alan fed him at the 2 a.m. feed and I was good until 6 a.m. But starting at 6 a.m., things got busy. I've nursed Loki twice, changed three diapers and two outfits, fixed Ander and myself breakfast, started a chili, set up a movie on DVD, got down the bank for the money Ander found, and done a ton of little things.

What I haven't done? Sat down to eat a meal. Showered. Changed my clothes. Spent more than a moment in the bathroom. Brushed my teeth. Started my hour I plan to dedicate daily to work.

I just want to sit between my darling children and watch a good cartoon. But there is no time.



Stac Cole said...

I understand feeling gross and all that, but why not rearrange your schedule to take showers at night when Alan is home too? That way he can tend to the kids while you have a few moments for yourself. And who needs to "fix" yourself some cereal bars and sit down and watch a good cartoon while eating breakfast at the same time :)

Oh, and I think it's a rule that nursing moms can stay in their pj's all day.

Derwinicus said...

I only shower at night now - it's way too hard to try and fit one in in the mornings. I totally understand those days. I can happily say that they are getting less chaotic (at least in my brain) now that Aidan is older and I'm getting the hang of it!

Mamaebeth said...

i can't even imagine trying do anything extra at 2 weeks post partum. i think i was still begging my mom to come by and make me lunch, start dinner, and fold laundry so i could nap and take a shower.

try not to be to hard on yourself. you need 8 weeks minimum to recover.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to a conference after my second child was born. I'd been juggling work, travel, nursing and two kids for several months. A client I hadn't seen in a while commented to a mutual friend that it looked as if I'd lost weight. My friend (who has six kids of his own) replied that having kids will do that to you. (All those missed meals and running around!)

Mathochist said...

Take the time for the cartoon, even if you don't think you can find it. The rest will do you good, and they will not be this little tomorrow.

On the days when I couldn't get a shower, I just told myself the baby would rather smell me than smell soap, anwyay. ;)

Staying home and taking care of children is hands down the most difficult/challenging thing I have ever done. Really. Graduating a year early with a double major and getting a graduate degree in Mathematics pale in comparison. It will take a while to get the hang of things. You do not have to get it perfected today. (And then, just when you figure it out, the rules will change and you'll have to do it all over again! etc.)

Really, if anyone is dressed and fed and entertained and already changed several times, and it's not BEDTIME yet... sounds like you are doing really great (even though I know you don't feel like it!). Remember, don't even try to apply the word "normal" to yourself for at least the next 4 weeks. Try to keep snacks & water on hand near where you nurse for those times you realize you haven't eaten in a while.

Oh, and if you get really desperate for your work hour, consider hiring a neighborhood 9 or 10 year old girl as a mommy's helper for an hour after school. They're really cheap and good at keeping toddlers entertained!

Wish I lived close enough to come play with kiddos while you sat down to a meal...

Rochelle said...

I know things are rough in the beginning but you will get into a routine with 2 kids and the days will fly by much smoother and more enjoyable!
But until then, know that all of us with 2 or more kids have been there. As they say, this to shall pass!
((HUGS)) for the rough days ahead! I am thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

this mommy thing is definitely a tough job! I thought being an education major would prepare me more, but no way! I was definitely a huge mess the first few months and I still don't know what I'm doing each day. Hang in there! just keep repeating to yourself, "this is just a stage, this is just a stage". Also, I invested in a lot of cereal bars and granola hard to actually cook...get take out! cut yourself more slack and know you have lots of people supporting you. (I wish I lived closer so I could help!)

Lacey Tackett said...

Ha, my youngest is 2 and I still never get a shower until at least 9pm.