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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Party

I must say, what could have been an incredibly stressful kid's birthday party last night was, well, fun. Thanks to some totally cool and polite guests, all the mess was picked up during the party, leaving us less than ten minutes worth of cleaning up to do this morning. All the food was eaten and all the drinks were consumed. Ander says he had fun. Of course, that means nothing. But he looked like he had a blast, and that means a lot.

The most popular gift, of course, is the one with "adult supervision required." (A fishing pole, BTW.)

And the cooler grown-ups stayed up past 11 p.m., as did the birthday boy. So he basically woke up this morning tired and cranky. But whatever. That's what fun does - gives you a hangover. Even if you're two.


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Stac Cole said...

Well....have y'all mastered Guitar Hero yet? :)