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Monday, March 17, 2008

Not A Lazy Person

It's difficult to think of myself as lazy. I am so busy, with work, taking care of Ander, and being pregnant ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME WITH NO END IN SIGHT (ahem...okay, I'm calming down), that it's laughable that anyone would say I'm lazy. I push myself to exhaustion, collapse and sleep, and wake up and do it again.

So when I say that it's driving me insane that certain people continue to tell me I'm not working enough or hard enough...well, I am not the murdering type, so that's a good thing.


(It's the hormones talking, I swear!!!)



Frog said...

I definitely don't think you are lazy!! Go ahead and chew those people out! After all, you are pregnant and can do that.

Derwinicus said...

If anyone knows you, they'd know that you are far from lazy and a very ambitious person. I agree with cajunfroggy - rip 'em a new one and then blame it on the pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

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