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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Lonely Truth About Early Pregnancy

When you first find out you are pregnant, there's no one to tell expect your husband. And in my case, he doesn't believe it until there's a heartbeat, anyway. :( I took a pregnancy test three days early. I didn't think I could have been pregnant, as I ovulated the same day as a medical procedure that made baby-making an impossiblity. But I had a backache. Lower right hand side - exactly where it hurt the entire time I was pregnant with Ander.

My doctor had me come in the next morning, Friday February 1, for an Hcg test. And then again on Monday. The next week, Ander had Fifth's disease and I had to be tested for that. Do you know how hard it is to miss that much work and to drag a toddler, time and time again, to get bloodwork done. He's gotten to the point that he thinks it's cool that mommy gets shots.

Of course, this is Alan's busiest season. Which means my day typically goes like this - puke, get dressed, puke, get Ander dressed, give Ander cereal because anything else will make me puke, bring Ander to mom's, drive back to Baton Rouge for ultrasound/doctor/bloodwork (if I'm lucky enough that it's late enough not to bring Ander), grab lunch and don't eat it because I will puke, go to work, cram a day's worth of work into three exhausting hours, pick up Ander, drive home, puke, have a light supper - if I can, let Ander watch tv, wait for Alan to stumble in around 7:30 or 8 p.m. It see-yucks big time.

And of course, I can't go out with friends, because 1) I might puke and 2) I don't have the energy. So I sit alone and moan and try to rest. Early pregnancy sucks. Have I said that already?

But now you know. So I shall feel free to whine. Feel free to ignore me. My doctor says I'll feel better at the beginning of April. We shall see.



Stac Cole said...

If you want some adult and no so adult company feel free to give me a call. I'll be happy to tear myself away from whatever practice is going on to come visit! PS--I can bring chinese or pizza, even though it might make you puke :)

Did Wendy tell you that Stacey is knocked up too? Call her and maybe y'all can be miserable together!

Mamaebeth said...

while i totally understand, and even usually agree, with not sharing your big news with others at first, there are situations (ahem, yours) where telling someone else is for the greater good. if only to have someone to talk to (cause we all know alan doesn't talk). I can think of at least one person (cough, michelle, cough) who probably could keep it a secret.

Frog said...

I wish you felt better!!! If I were pregnant too (like I promised I'd be) we could complaing together. You can always call and complain to me though. I'll always listen!! If Alan is still working overtime after April 15th I can come babysit!