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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home Sick - Again

Ander coughed all night. His nose is running like a faucet. If he was the only kid with my mom, I'd take him in, but I'm not risking getting all the other kids sick. So we are hanging out at home. I do have to run into the office for about 20 minutes at some point, to sign and pick up some papers, but I'll just bring Ander with me.

I am also having a bad day. It seems like this always happens on Thursdays. I think I just pushed and pushed myself so hard Monday through Wednesday, that by Thursday I'm beat. My back hurts, I woke up about 10 times last night with the runs (thank you, colitis...dammit), and I can't open the fridge or pantry without gagging. I have some Zofran, but I only have a few pills, and I just want to save those for when Beth Anne visits in town this weekend. I am desperate for some friend time.

Alan got home at 8:15 last night, which was exciting. It's the first time he's been home before 10 p.m. this week. That means that I really am not getting much rest, because Ander needs diapers, playtime (although I have to limit it a little right now), food, and drink. Every 20 minutes or so, he needs something. He naps at my mom's house, so I don't get a break. Alan did the dishes and the laundry and the trash, thank God, but I still have to do some housework. Normally, I do most of the housework during his overtime times, but I have severe backache this pregnancy and throw up anytime I stand up for too long.

I guess I'll spend today resting, cleaning up a little, wrapping presents for the baby shower Sunday and birthday party Monday, popping into work for a few minutes, and going out to lunch, because frankly, I will puke if I open the fridge again. I hope to also get a bit of office work done, but if I don't no big deal. I've been really working hard the past three days, so I'm okay.

There are rumors that the session will end this weekend. Oh, I hope so. If I could just have Alan take over (make dinner, do bath) when I get off of work, I could rest a little. It's really hard to be a single parent, pregnant, and run an office. I am overcommitted. And the baby inside of me is a nonnegotiable obligation (not just morally, but also in that it really punishes me if I don't rest and eat right), so other things are suffering.


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Frog said...

Hope Ander starts to feel better!! Pregnancy sucks!! Hopefully the second trimester will bring better days!!