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Friday, March 7, 2008

Maybe I'm Just In A Sucktacular Mood

But seriously, work is driving me crazy. No new clients are calling, at all. However...

A very distant cousin called this morning. So distant, in fact, that I would not recognize her on the street. I haven't seen her in years, and when I did ocassionally see her at a funeral or something, she's never so much as smiled in my direction.

She's getting a divorce, has no access to cash, and wants to know if I can help.

Do people not realize that lawyers actually work? That this is how I feed my family and pay my student loans? I just can't imagine callin someone I barely know, just because our parents are distantly related, and asking that they do work for me for free. I wouldn't call her and ask for $2,000, just to get me through a tough time, now would I?

Plus, any bad advice I give could result in malpractice. And who's to say she wouldn't sue me? I don't even know her.


Why can't people just be nice and fair?



Stac Cole said...

Yeah, sucks for you. I would just tell her what the standard "family" rate is (even if it's the regular rate) and what it's going to cost and that if there are kids involved she needs to be separated for a year so she could gather up that money and after a year call you back when she has the fee and you could file it then. Other than that, I would just tell her that you're too busy to take on any new cases right now.

You need to run an ad in the paper in Ascension and St. James...both sides the river.

Miss-buggy said...

that bites. That is really selfish of her too. I hope you don't do it. It was rude of her to expect you to. Some people I tell ya.....