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Friday, February 26, 2016

When Your Planner Is a Hot Mess

I am a few hours behind on getting this blog post published. 

Sometimes, life gets in the way.

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My messy planner paints a clear picture of life getting in the way. 

The image above was taken today, on a Friday. Notice that I never even made a daily page for today or accomplished most of the Thursday stuff.

Is this familiar? Does this happen to you?

Sometimes, the best plans just don't work out!

Today, my kiddo had a last minute, unplanned trip to the doctor. I woke up with a cold. There are reasons for the chaos.

When that happens to you, pause.

Take a minute to list three priorities. 

My first priority?

Scratching out the stuff that I've actually accomplished so that I can make today's list.

Then I plan to put away the groceries and start supper defrosting.

Just because my planner is a mess, the plan is still there.

Remember that, then work the plan!


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Cori Large said...

No joke! So busy today I didn't have time to post my Friday blog post. Hopefully next week will be better. Can't hope for the weekend, because that's a hot mess already and it's not even here yet! Hang in there, sweetie!

Anna said...

Today was going to be a really productive day for me. I'm finally mostly over my cold/infection, finished antibiotics yesterday. I had plans to do school, and lots of organizing, cleaning, and planning. Then my friend had to cover a 10 hour ER shift for someone who was injured, and I had her 5 year old. The best laid plans.... but I did still get grocery shopping, school, and some organizing and cleaning done. As you say, done is better than perfect. It's also lots more than I would have been able to accomplish with no plan.

Anonymous said...

This is where 'Relax' needs to come in handy. We all have days like this. There's a saying by Pastor Chuck Swindoll - 'life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it'. You have no idea how much that saying puts things in perspective for me.

Amy said...

You should see my planner... It's one big huge mess!! More xxxx's then ✅'s But I hope to get back on track... Gotta try to stay focused... Been following you for a couple of years now... Yours is an email I always open.. Love ur Blog!!!