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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Small Groups on Facebook Can Change Your Mental Health

Lots of my planner and blogger friends are members of huge Facebook groups. There is even one for Giftie Etcetera fans.

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These big groups are great for learning and sharing. But many people are missing out on another way to use Facebook that is much more useful for real life - small groups.

Small groups let you use Facebook as a tool to connect with those who really matter about subjects of common interest.

For example, in the picture, I have a small group of friends from my real life who organize along with me.

Imagine your 10 favorite people. What if you could create a Facebook group just for talking to them? You can!

What if your sisters and brothers and mom and dad could plan Christmas all in one place? Make a family group!

Into cooking? Big groups can teach you techniques and give you ideas. Small groups of local people can start a dinner club!

Book clubs, parents of kids in your child's class, or like-minded political friends can all be in small groups with you. Consider a neighborhood group or a vacation-planning group.

If you'd get together with someone for dinner, consider putting them in smaller groups on Facebook. 

Facebook groups, especially small ones, are a great way to stay connected to people without the overwhelm of huge groups or the lack of privacy of the Facebook wall.

Let me know what sorts of small groups you belong to on Facebook in the comments.


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Becky said...

I administrate a group (plant based) that has 8883 members. I also have a group of my immediate family that has 12. I love FB groups!

Anna said...

This is a good idea. I belong to several larger groups, but I never thought of a smaller one just to keep in touch with family, etc.