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Friday, February 19, 2016

Essential Planner Page Details

Today, this planner EXPERT realized that I have an appointment scheduled on January 31st at 11:45 a.m.

I know because, like I said, I AM AN EXPERT, so I dutifully jotted the appointment in the Future section of my planner.

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The problem?

I have NO idea what the appointment is for, where the appointment is located, or who the appointment is with!

Okay, that's enough laughing at me! Control yourselves, people. ;)

Sometimes, a planner entry needs to move beyond just the day and time of the plan. 

In the example above, I used {whatever these shapes are called} to note the prep list and my work schedule on my daily docket.

I noted which kid had choir practice and which kid has to read.

TIP: Put an initial with a box around it for each kid.

I even noted that my doctor is the allergist.

Sometimes, I note addresses, phone numbers, and whether to bring anything (like a gift or a potluck dish) with me.

Always make sure that you write down enough information to make your planner useful.

Do not be me.


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Anna said...

I've done things like that, usually not with appointments, but with tasks or something similar. With appointments, I keep the cards or papers if I have them. After the appointment, they can be tossed or filed as needed. My problem is more the times that I try to do things WITHOUT looking at my planner. It's never a good idea, but I just think that I remember without looking. One day I will learn.

Mary Wimbley said...

Just because you're an expert doesn't mean you're not a human being. :) I don't judge! I'm guilty of much bigger planner goofs than that. I will forget to write things down at all. Or I will write something down, but then forget to go back and look at my planner again. That happens almost every day!

I'm hoping the new planner I bought yesterday will help to change all that. I downsized to a compact/personal size. My strategy is to go smaller so I will be more likely to carry it with me at all times, plus be forced to keep it simple. I'm trying to learn that good enough is good enough! Wish me luck!

Jaime Barfield said...

I have done that before. It is amusing when it is someone else, but not when it happens to you. Good luck figuring it out!