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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spending Too Much Time On-line

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I love the computer. As a blogger and a research attorney, I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop.

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In fact, I rarely leave the house without my Surface Pro 3 Tablet in hand. It works with my planner to take care of my life.

But I'm still going to advise you to take a minute today to step away from the computer.

It's okay. I promise your Facebook friends will stay loyal. It's just a few minutes, after all.

Call someone.

Put in a load of dishes.

Read a book.

If you are spending too much time on-line, you aren't living life. Instead, you are willingly entering into a time suck.

If you make a point, several times per day, to step away from technology, I promise you will find time, and interests, that you had no idea existed.

So, for all you planners out there who are on-line every day and complaining about your lack of free time (um, self-revealing much?), find your time again.

Don't let your computer screen suck the life out of you!

Blogging Note: My sweet sister used one of these crazy expensive craft machines to make me the cool Giftie Etcetera blogger mug. 


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Becky said...

Get off my toes!

hee hee!

Anna said...

I love that mug. :) I agree that it is important to take time away from your computer. It's sometimes easier said than done. I have been trying to stay off on Sundays. I still get e-mail to my phone, so I will know if something important comes in. In the past, I shut my computer off at a certain time of the night. I need to get back to that!