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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why a 30-Minute Workout Takes an Hour

People say you can get fit in just 30 minutes a day. I exercise for stroke prevention, weight loss, and my sanity. So, to be fair, a lot of days I plan to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour. But I strive for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

(I don't like exercise. But if I skip my workout, I cry. I guess I need to call that an addiction?)

I've been really watching the time to make sure that I never miss the 30 minutes. Know what I noticed?

A 30 minute workout takes way more than 30 minutes!

No fair!

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I made a time log of my actual time spent on the workout to give some insight into the problem and how to fix it.

Things That Steal Extra Time

*Getting dressed: the clothes, the running shoes/yoga socks, the hair
+10 minutes

*Bringing medical gear: the inhaler

+2 minutes

*Charging the FitBit: (come on, you thought I'd skip getting credit for the workout?!?)
+15 LONG minutes

*Bringing entertainment: reading material, music, earbuds

+2 minutes

*Childcare: Checking in the kids at the YMCA takes about 5 extra minutes. So does checking out.
+10 minutes

*Filling water bottle: three times

+3 minutes

*Shower and change back into normal clothes
+15 minutes

*Driving/Traveling: to class, from class

+30 minutes

Okay, so that's MORE than an extra hour.

Here's how to avoid this problem.

1. Schedule your workout more appropriately for your life.

I save a ton of time if I just workout while the kids are in school or while my husband is home. If nothing else works, I can always work out while they ride bikes outside or we can go on a family walk.

If I go out of the house to a class, I schedule it when I am leaving the house for errands so I can stop at class on the way or on the way home.

2. Workout when you don't need to shower.

I work from home, so I often can shower, workout, and not worry about changing out of my workout clothes. But if I must go somewhere fancy, like a parent-teacher conference or a work meeting, I work out after the meeting when possible.

(My apologies to the other people in Target. I often shop after the workout, without a shower.)

3. Prepack a bag.

I have an extra inhaler, extra shoes, extra yoga socks, a laundry bag - if it might be needed, it's in the trunk of my car in my workout bag or ALWAYS in my purse (in the case of the inhaler).

4. Carry a larger water bottle.

This one was a d'uh moment for me, but carrying a larger water bottle both means less time spent at the water fountain and an extra weight to workout with.

5. Write prep steps in your planner.

For example, I make a weekly appointment to charge my FitBit.

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Unknown said...

Once I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought "travel time and prep time, for sure" - glad to see I was on the right track! I am lucky in that the workout room for our apartment complex is literally next door, but there's still a matter of changing clothes, finding the tennis shoes, headphones, and water bottle, then coming back and cool down time. It may not take up an hour total, for 20 minutes on the treadmill, but it is indeed more than *just* 20 minutes.
One thing that has saved me, though, is my phone. One, it has music on it. Two, Google Fit and Nike+ Running. The treadmill keeps track of the information for me, and then I can enter it into the Nike app, to keep a log of what I have done. I'm not sure what extra information a fitbit can give you, but one less electronic device that needs charging is always a good thing in my book!

Anna said...

Mostly I either bike or do Pilates at home for exercise. Both require a change of clothes. I have little helpers that can be counted on to get my bike out or (sometimes) set up my Pilates things. But I do have to remember the prep/after time for exercise in my schedule.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party. It has been pinned to our party board on Pinterest.