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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Daily Planner Page: Step 1

The coolest thing about ring bound planners, for me, is the flexibility. I especially like that I can rely on monthly and weekly pages, but use daily pages when I need to.

Each morning, I sit down at my desk, with my coffee, and make my daily plan. If the day is simple, that might mean just glancing at my monthly and weekly pages, checking work email, and getting started. If the day is more complicated, it means copying the times/dates/tasks from my monthly and weekly pages into my daily plan and checking email.

But, on complicated days, I change the order of my steps. Step 1 becomes do the quick tasks instead of copying them.

Today, that means that I send a quick text BEFORE I make my daily docket. The task takes less than two minutes and it's not distracting because I do not need to leave the desk area. Once it is done, there is no need to recopy it. That saves me time and effort. 

Only then do I complete the creation of my daily plan.

It's a simple step that can make your life a lot easier.



Kathi Greco said...

Can you share what program you using? Thanks

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