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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adjusting to the New Routine

My daily routine just changed dramatically. I am a creature of habit, so this change has been jarring to my psyche.

Before, my husband left for work. Right after he left, I did morning routine with the kids, carpool (an hour and fifteen minute long event), workout (yoga class or YMCA), work for four hours and/or errands, lunch at home, housework, a short rest period/my downtime, and then the kids arrived home with my husband for us to split up overseeing chores and homework. After homework, my husband had his downtime while I made supper (most nights). If I didn't cook he might pull together something quick for the kids, and then he and the oldest go to karate some days.

Now, my husband does morning carpool instead of me and gets home after homework/chores.


(Yes, intentional screamy caps.)

I can't wake up before they leave, else my mere presence upsets the force. (The force is named Loki. He is six years old. He makes Darth Vader look pretty pleasant when the force is disturbed.) So I wake up but hide under the pillow until they leave, wasting a good 45 minutes of the day. (Okay, I keep sleeping for that full 45 minutes. Still wasted!) 

But my husband can't handle making lunches for the kids and remembering snack and water bottles (seriously, he does his share, truly, but this managing multiple things at once early in the morning is not in his skill set), so I have to do that the night before instead of in the morning, like I used to.

In order to do lunch at home (the only really affordable choice, since I don't have an office where I can heat something up), I have to skip yoga class and work from home in the morning. I like to work remotely. There is no tv (or bed or even laundry) at the library!

Then, right after I eat, I have to go workout. Yuck. I just ate. Also, the best yoga teacher is in the city at 8 a.m. (but I can't justify an extra trip into the city at 8 a.m., time-wise or gas-wise). So I do the step machine alongside the retirees and the guys who workout all day. (I swear on monkeys that they are there at 8 a.m. AND at 1 p.m.). 

If I grocery shop, I have to bring coolers with me or the stuff melts. Errands are rushed because I have to be at carpool on time, instead of leaving carpool to do errands in a proper leisurely fashion. 

Oh, and morning carpool never has a line, but afternoon carpool takes FOREVER and I have to sit and wait in line. For bonus points, Louisiana changed the law and I can no longer use my cell phone while STOPPED in the carpool line. Ugh.

After school, I have to handle homework and chores alone. I'm used to my husband's help. It's a nightmare when both boys have tests...and when they test me. Plus, I can't start supper until it's all done, pushing supper later.

Notice the lack of downtime in this new, shinier scenario. (Shinier like a bad bald spot or a slimy worm. The sarcasm kind of shiny.)

I can stay up for an extra 45 minutes, I guess. But my husband doesn't, so that means we would go to bed separately. Sometimes, that is the only time we get alone together all day!

I'm doing what I can. I'm planning more portable lunches (with salads and thermoses). I'm researching later yoga and other classes, for after an early lunch. During carpool, I've been trying to do my planning for the next day. (I'm seated, in park, brake locked, in a parking lot.)

But it sucks. My husband doesn't like the new routine. My children don't like the new routine. And I HATE the new routine.

Whine Fest over! Thanks for listening. Back tomorrow with a real blog entry. I swear on monkeys!



Christine Cortese said...

Wow, that's awful. I'm assuming it's to do with your husband's job. Hope it turns out to be a temporary change. Maybe you can learn a yoga routine to do at home in the morning for those 45 minutes you have to hide from the Force.

Nancy B said...

Would this be of any help at all?

from which I quote: "The law does not restrict drivers from using these devices in a hands-free manner and provides for some other exceptions. The exceptions listed are reporting a traffic collision, medical emergency or serious road hazard; reporting a situation in which the person believes his personal safety is in jeopardy; reporting or averting the perpetration or potential perpetration of a criminal act against the driver or another person; operating the device while the vehicle is properly parked; and use of the device in an official capacity while operating an authorized emergency vehicle."

Speakerphone mode on cell phone? Is your car ever considered to be "properly parked" while you wait for car pool?

I do completely understand your upset over this. Those are very significant changes to your routine and to your family dynamic. It has to be difficult for you all. Hoping, as Christine said, that it is temporary.

lisa said...

This might help with the working from home thing:

Giftie Etcetera said...

Lisa, that is incredible! Thank you.

lisa said...

You're welcome…enjoy!

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