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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Peek in a Planner - Video Highlights

I recently did a video (click here) reviewing some recent changes that I have made to make my planner my functional.

Highlights from the video:

*I keep temporary tabs in my planner for currently, but not usually, active pages.

*Grocery list includes a checklist of shopping/coupon prep.

*I double-hole punch pages so they can go in the right or left hand sides of my planner.

*I use a project index to make project pages easy to locate.

*I keep the YMCA workout schedule in my planner.

*I use one number to indicate a date, where the month and year are already obvious.

*My Christmas list is simple, with complicated notes kept separately in my planner. That way, I don't miss anyone because the visual is clean.

*Extra tabs are usually on the top of the planner, but work better on as side tabs in the Calendar section only.

*I keep a cheat list of daily events/appointments in my monthly spread.

*Must dos go in a different column than should dos.

*I use context codes (like home = H or computer = C) for tasks.

*A sticky note contains a list of things borrowed to or from me on my weekly spread.

*A daily page works for busy days only. No need to have one every single day.

*A recurring task (circled to indicate recurring) reminds me to do my daily chores.

*Once I make a daily page, I mark out the monthly and weekly entries for that date so that I never miss anything or double book.

*I highlight daily chores and monthly goals as they are done or met.

*My budget planner is a simple subtracting checkbook register-type entry.

*I staple extra weeks in my undated pages so that I never accidentally use them.

*Coming soon: Future Pages video!


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