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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Planning a Holiday Week

Holidays are strange little days for my planner. 

Not a ton of appointments, but really important ones like Christmas dinner or our traditional Christmas Eve brunch at a breakfast restaurant. 

Not a ton of tasks, but woe is the person who forgets to bring the 2 year old's gift or the dirt cake.

My normal set-up (monthly appointment pages and weekly task pages) aren't quite enough, but I need more flexibility than my usual daily pages provide.

So, for December 22nd - 25th, I put some blank paper between the weekly section. They are folded back to avoid blocking the normal weekly pages.

planner; planner pages; planning projects; Christmas plans

I still keep appointments on my monthly pages and normal, non-holiday tasks (there aren't that many) on my weekly pages.

But on my holiday lists, I have deadlines, like cooking the dirt cake and wrapping gifts by December 23rd. I have day of holiday task lists (that repeat yearly), like putting out cookies for Santa and reindeer food, or unwrapping Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. 

I also put a list of all gifts or items that need to be delivered (to Christmas parties or gatherings over the holidays).

planner; planner pages; planning projects; Christmas plans; frixion pens

Once the holiday is over, these date specific pages go with the rest of the Christmas project pages for reference for next year.

TIP: If you start a new tradition or want to change something next year, this is a good place to note it.


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