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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's In My Bag: The Case For Big Bags

I like big bags and I cannot lie.

I couldn't resist.

But seriously, I never understand tiny little handbags.

If I'm going somewhere formal (in which case single women can certainly bring a little handbag), my husband's coat pockets are perfect for my lip gloss, inhaler, and cell phone. (He disagrees, but he doesn't really get a vote.) If I am going to the zoo, I do use a light cross body bag, but only if I don't have big enough pockets.

For any other purpose, including errands, work, or date nights, I carry a big bag. I used to carry smaller bags, but I realized that there were so many things that I needed with me. I was wasting time and money because I didn't have my meds, or a snack, or a book tucked in there.

Currently, I carry an Urban Expressions Zuma Tote in teal. I think it's only available is Pewter grey right now, though.

It's vegan leather, which is code for fake leather, but it feels and looks like leather, only it is much lighter in weight while remaining sturdy.

It has handles and, a requirement for me, a crossbody strap that can be removed. Mostly, due to how much I carry, I use the handles. But the crossbody strap comes in handy, especially if I am carrying anything else.

The key reason for carrying a big bag is that I am prepared for most things that can crop up in my life.

The outside zipper pocket holds my glasses, keys, and cell phone. Honestly, I mostly wear my glasses. I keep very little in the outside pocket, so that I never have to dig for the phone or keys.

Note the navy blue, flower patterned lining. I won't buy a bag with a black lining, since black makes everything disappear and get lost.

My bag also has three inside pockets. Two are unzippered and hold my easy access, occasional stuff - my inhaler and my lip gloss. The other is zippered and holds "sometimes" stuff, like my current nail polish in case of chips.

Of course, the main plus of a big bag is all the stuff that I can carry. Note that I don't carry all of this stuff every day. Instead, I look at my day the night before, when making my daily planner page, and decide then what I want to carry.

From purple wallet clockwise, I carry my wallet (with coupons and receipts filed neatly in it), sunflower seeds (for maintaining blood sugar levels), a water bottle (save the planet by not buying them), my Nook (only if there is a chance of free time), my planner, and two green mesh bags.

The bags are green so that they are easy to locate inside of the bag. (Any contrast color will do.) They are mesh so that I can see their contents.

The smaller bag carries my medical kit (including headache meds, which are a must have for me).

The larger bag carries everything else - makeup, hairbrush, mints.

Nothing runs amok in my purse. It's all corralled nicely in the purse and stored upright, so nothing sneaks to the bottom of the bag.

Summary of Big Bag Requirements:

*big enough to carry essentials for actual daily life

*crossbody strap

*outside pocket

*non-black lining

*easy access pocket for inhaler

*mesh organizer bags

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Misty said...

I was carrying that exact water bottle in my big bag the other day, and it came open. Big soggy mess. All the tampons in the bottom of the bag swelled up.

Giftie Etcetera said...

That sucks, Misty. I've carried these for years and they are the only ones that never leak for me.

And hey, at least you know those tampons really are absorbent. ;)