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Monday, October 13, 2014

Planning Sunday For A Successful Week

I spent many years hating Sundays. I would get sad, knowing that the rat race of the work week loomed ahead. I've done a lot to tackle that weekly bout of depression, including changing jobs (Hallelujah!) and a couple of years of doing nothing on Sundays.

But skipping Sunday chores, while nice on Sundays, made Mondays miserable.

I suspect, however, that I have finally conquered the Sunday blues with a combination of careful planning, a small list of Sunday chores instead of a marathon of tasks, and starting with morning Mass and ending the day with relaxation.

Probably the most important part of the new Sunday routine is that, each night, I find something relaxing to do. Maybe I read a novel or go for a family walk. I find a way to connect with my husband, either over dinner or coffee. (Yesterday, he helped me color my hair. I'm not sure it was fun for him, but it was FUNNY, especially when a piece of hair flew across my eye and cheek and dyed my face brown.)

But planning is also a big part of it.

Instead of feeling like I have to do everything on Sunday, I make a list and do those things that make the most impact on a smooth week.

Yesterday, I did a lot of laundry. (I sort, wash, and fold. Kids put away.) I checked the school lunch menu and scheduled which days the boys get to bring lunches. I had the boys clean their rooms for inspection. I made a list of the chores that most need doing this week and scheduled them for later. I made my menu plan. I prepped my planner and launch spot for Monday morning.

Very few of the tasks that I completed on Sunday were actual housework chores. So, instead of being depressed, I sat in front of my computer with a mocha and did what I love - planning. But I was realistic and careful about making a plan that could succeed.

And so far, a few hours into Monday, Sunday planning is paying off.


2 comments: said...

I do that, too. I plan my week on Sunday and I also try to take it a little bit easier. My thing is to watch football and quilt.

Anna said...

I hate busy Sundays, because then I go into the week feeling already tired and slightly behind. I try to keep Sunday activities to a minimum as much as I can.