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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goals: Planning Versus Doing

Some of us over plan.

Some people (not me, of course...{cough}) spend more time planning than doing.

If you see yourself in that statement, step back and consider your goals. Are you planning so that...

*you arrive at events and appointments on time?
*you honor commitments?
*you have the right tools to do the job?
*you make more money or find more success?
*you are a better parent/spouse/person?
*you exercise enough?
*you eat better?

I'm not a huge fan of goal-making, actually. I know that scientists have evidence that a clear, measurable goal predicts likely success. I don't disagree with that research. But I cannot always reach my goal and the constant struggle to do so is exhausting.

Still, you need to KNOW your goals in using your planner in order to use it to get things done.

For me, my goals include:

*exercising most weekdays
*working 15 hours a week
*eat less than 2,000 calories and at least 6 fruits/veggies
*be available for my kids and my spouse
*keep my house comfortably livable

My daily plan reflects those goals.

I scheduled work and a workout. I planned my meals and housework (minimally). I made the list of tasks manageable, by starting with the must dos and adding a restrained and appropriate number of want to/should dos.

Therefore, today will be spent working toward those goals.

But that's not all today will be. Because I was careful not to focus so much on planning that there is still time to play, I'll be reading a novel, watching tv, and relaxing some.

That is life. And life is not defined by a plan. It is defined by what you actually do - your choices each day.


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