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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do Famous People Use Planners?

Sometimes, in the planner community, you see a rash of "did you see that Filofax in XYZ movie?" or "so and so uses a planner!" But, seriously, do the rich and famous use planners?

I do most of my blogging based on my own life. Unfortunately, I am not rich. (I've never wanted fame. Plus, check out those Cajun eyebrows. Nobody EVER became famous with untamed brows like that!)

But I would guess that a lot more rich and famous people use planners than people think. After all, they are successful (mostly, except Paris Hilton, who is just lucky), busy, fashionable (usually), and can afford expensive bags with lots of room for a planner. Planners probably fill a need to reflect and think that is important to their lives.

(You guessed it. If I were rich, I'd buy planners, bags, and someone to clean my house and drive me around. Oh, and a Truth Teller. Everybody needs to be TOLD, at some point, and do I really want that awkward moment when I TELL them? No, I don't. Hence, the Truth Teller.

"You are an uncoordinated, thoughtless fool who cannot seem to park between the lines."

"Write it down, Genius, or you'll forget again. Your brain is mush."

"No, you cannot get Ebola by talking to your cousin from Dallas on the phone."

"You called at 2:30 ON A SATURDAY. Are you insane? People nap at 2:30 ON. A. SAT. TUR. DAY. Do I need to speak slooooooooower for you?"

"You deserve that rash. Karma."

Truth Teller pays well, by the way, since I'm rich.)

One can dream.



Mathochist said...

They probably hire people to plan for them...

Lalaboobaby said...

If I was wealthy still wound use my Midori. Love my tactile life.

Anna said...

It would be interesting to know. Could be the next reality show: Organizational Tools of the Rich and Famous. Like the Anti- Hoarders? Some rich people may just have personal assistants who keep the planner & keep them in line. But you would think that people who are "self-made" would hold onto that control. :)

Anonymous said...

Coincidently I was thinking about the same thing a couple of weeks ago and the three people I could find was Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Diane Keaton and Anna Wintour. Of course, this was all before smartphones, so I don't know if they still use them. Richard Branson still likes paper, although his is more of a Moleskine rather than a planner.
I guess if I was very rich, I would probably have several different styles of LV, Chanel, Hermes planners in various expensive leather, but I would still use a planner. :)