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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Naughty List (With Bonus Video)

'Tis the season for lists. The most important list, of course, is the Naughty and Nice list. All the kids hope to be on the nice side and all the adults hope for just a little bit naughty, right?

I am not an advocate of writing lists just to write them. (Of course, if you really want to make the naughty list, you go right ahead.) Planner space is limited, so I put lists in there that are actually helpful or important. Now, lots of these lists are mentioned elsewhere on my blog, so feel free to go exploring, but here is a comprehensive list of lists that are in my planner (with detailed examples below each type).


P = in my project pages

M = on my main, monthly, or weekly pages

N = in my notes/file pages (because not relevant to ongoing projects)

*Next Action Lists

P - Home and School Volunteer Association 
P - room mom
P - Thanksgiving advance tasks

M - Household Hot List (for things I want to fix around my household)
M - Master Task List (for things not date specific)

M - child's homework
M - daily tasks
M - weekly tasks
M - monthly tasks

N - "if" I get a full time job

*Idea Lists
P - ideas for my Nanowrimo novel (like lists of character traits for each character or chapter ideas) 
P - ideas for my blog
P - gifts for friends and family
N - book ideas

*Notes Lists
P - list of things that did NOT work last year at an annual event that I plan
P - list of items other family members bought for our kids (so I don't duplicate)
P - wrapping paper list (blue/green for one kid, red/white for the other, reindeer for leaving the house, and Santa for Santa gifts)

P - sales tracking of listings
P - list of people invited to a party
N - continuing legal education
N - interview key points to make
N - daily meds
N - medical log

N - asthma log (was an active file, but under control so filed now)
N - important school notes (like the cost of school lunches and carpool information)
N - babysitter contacts

N - alumni association meeting notes
N - locations (where things are hidden in my house)
N - things borrowed log
N - car wreck
N - planner details (like paper size, ideas that I want to someday incorporate, or codes/abbreviations)

N - exercises
N - insurance details
N - You Tube
N - menu (all the foods that my family enjoys regularly)
N - sizes (air conditioning filters, windshield wipers, special light bulbs, ink, my favorite tank tops)
N - diet log
N - addresses (just those that are new and I might go again)


P - blog promotion checklist (In case you are wondering, I only promote relevant posts in Facebook groups. For example, planner posts go in planner groups only.)
P - household chores

N - first day of school (in notes until fall of each year)
N - weekly review
N - packing lists

N - birthday parties

*Budget Lists

P - the running total of allowance earned by my kid
M - monthly budget total
N - school dues payment log

*Shopping Lists

P - extended family Christmas gifts
P - children's individual Christmas gifts
P - children's shopping list (for their grandparents and teachers)
P - husband's gifts
M - weekly grocery/shopping list


P - Thanksgiving
M - weekly

P - Thanksgiving Day cooking
M - future planning

N - boy's routines (morning and night)

Bonus video: Touring The Lists In My Planner



yezenia said...

I actually love making lists for the sake of making lists. I think in terms of lists. It's one of my quirks. I even have a book called Listography that's nothing but list-making madness. That's fun time for me. That was probably my favorite thing about the book High Fidelity, the narrator thought like me. I don't have lists in my planner now because of its limited structure, but come January and my ringed planner gets busted out, I'm betting there will be a few lists that develop.

Penny said...

I love making lists and am planning to blog about them soon! :)
It was fascinating to see all the lists you make. I may be about to add some to my own collection! :)