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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two Minutes

If you are a Loyal Reader, you've heard about The Loki before. He is five years old and one smart cookie. (As the picture shows, he is not smart enough to get out of the rain.)

"Guess what? You can count to 100 and it doesn't even take all day." - The Loki

"How do you know that?" -Mommy (aka Giftie Etcetera)

"Because I'm smarter than the average bear." - The Loki

He is not as smart as he thinks he is, of course. (Again, I reference the rain. However, he is just as confident as he sounds. No humility in that one.) But he is right about this particular thing. Counting to 100 only takes about 2 minutes.

In fact, lots of the chores that we dread take only about two minutes. Here is a list of things that take less than two minutes to accomplish.

*Writing it down.

*Glancing at your planner to see today's agenda.

*Writing a list of three top tasks to do today.

*Loading or unloading the dishwasher.

*Putting the clean laundry away.

*Hanging up your purse and coat instead of dropping them on the counter.

*Clearing the table after supper.

*Wiping down the counters.

*Wiping down the shower after use.

*Packing a tote bag for tomorrow's errands.

*Wrapping a birthday present.

*Doing jumping jacks or a plank.

*Sweeping the floor.

*Sending an email.

*Filing several items in the filing cabinet.

*Getting something done instead of writing it down.

Two minutes is a long time in terms of getting things done, but a relatively short time to spend making life easier for yourself. Next time you are running around trying to be more efficient, more successful, more impressive, take two minutes and get something done.

(For the record, typing and editing this blog took under five minutes. :) Please share on twitter, Facebook, or Google+ if you are impressed.)



jemilyea said...

I think I could do most things on this list in two minutes also, but not wrap a gift. Maybe I could if it was already in a box and just needed paper, but for me, gift wrapping is a chore. Since it's not something I need often, my supplies are stored in three different locations (plus the Christmas paper in a fourth place). PS: I'm really enjoying your blog and videos.

BeePee said...

Many of these things take me longer than two minutes. Do I need to see a doctor?

Giftie Etcetera said...

BeePee - you had me giggling! My medical opinion is that you will be just fine, but note that I am NOT a doctor. ;)