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Monday, November 11, 2013

Humiliating Humiliation: Mrs. Claus Forgets Her Planner

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This happened this weekend:

Here, let me show you my humiliation a wee bit closer:

Oh, and for extra fun embarrassing embarrassment, I forgot to go to the doctor. Yes, that is the last scratched out entry on today's monthly page. Think they will bill me $50?

I have a good excuse a reason that it happened a lame explanation.

This weekend, Mr. Claus and I (Mrs. Claus, get it???) brought the boys for their annual trip to visit the toy store and make a Christmas wish list.

(By the way, HOLY COW they are not getting that much stuff. Also, Loki's explanation that naughty kids still get gifts, using last year and his own four year old bad behavior as an example, did not inspire in me the dream of obedient little angel children that the Christmas season promises to parents everywhere. And explaining to Ander, age seven, that he was probably right, reindeer don't really fly - but there is truth in every myth and St. Nicholas and Santa's helpers and don't we love the stories of Christmas anyway and those who don't believe don't receive so shut it in front of your kindergarten brother now or Mommy is pulling this car right over young man - was not my most proud moment.)

Anyway, after you excuse my little stress-induced tangent, Mr. Claus and I were bringing the kids to visit the fires of hades local Toys 'R Us North Pole to see where the elves made toys. Only, Mrs. Claus forgot to put extra graph paper in her planner. So Mrs. Claus, who had clearly drank too much Nyquil eggnog, used owl post-it notes. She just jotted things down with no regard for the poor elves who have to read the toy order. Today, Mrs. Claus started to help out the elves and got so busy shopping from the LIST ON A POST-IT instead of her trusty planner - that she forgot about the doctor's appointment. That would have never happened had Mrs. Claus used her planner! Mrs. Claus is probably getting coal for Christmas instead of her extensive Amazon wish list. :'(

I have, of course, fixed the problem.

I revised my Christmas project pages to include a list for each boy and my husband, plus one list for all other Christmas gifts. Using the squares, I wrote in the number of the gift. (Yes, we already have 19 for the children. We never give them toys or anything, really, the rest of the year.) I have a place to write the day in December when the gift will be given. (For example, we give an ornament on December 23rd and PJs every December 24th.) Then I have a column (with a key) for whether the gift is from Mom/Dad, Santa, or in their stocking. I have a place to note the date the gift is ordered, the date received, the date wrapped, and the date it is placed under the tree. I will wrap each gift in certain paper depending on the child, put a sample of that paper in my planner as a key, and add a code (like A11 for Ander's Percy Jackson books) so that I can identify what is in each gift.

Mrs. Claus is getting it together. There might be a Merry Christmas after all.



Michelle said...

Oh my!! That is some organization. You'd die if you saw my system... or lack of one...

yezenia said...

Oh no! That is terrible! Exactly why I'm never without my planner. I can't remember anything ever!