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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I never know if it's i before e after a ch or not. :/

Today I had breakfast with my son at McDonald's. We got OUT of the car. That's a really big deal for him, because while we occasionally have McD's for breakfast (the only decent meal at the place), we rarely get out of the car. He was very excited and acted very grownup! I thought making today special was important since it might be our last Mommy/Ander day alone together for a long time.

I noticed he has an eye infection and I needed to speak to the pediatrician about the new baby anyway, so Alan called and got us an appointment.

We bought two gifts at Target. Both are wrapped and ready to go in the car. One is for Ander's friend's birthday and one is for a storm (a shower for the male/the couple) next weekend.

We went to the doctor. Ander was adorable! He was very excited that it was his turn and not mommy's. :) We practiced letting the doctor look in his throat and he said ah! I told him the doctor would listen to his heartbeat, but he didn't believe me, because "I'm not a baby, mommy!" Clearly, he understands that we are listening to heartbeats at my doctor's office, but thought only babies had heartbeats.

At the doctor, she put him on the exam table to listen to his lungs, and he scooted to the edge a put his feet in imaginary stirrups! The doctor and I were cracking up! He needed a chest xray, WITHOUT MOMMY because I am pregnant. He did great. He said they took pictures of him and then gave him two suckers and stickers!

She said he either has a cold, sinus infection, or allergies. Normally, he wouldn't get antibiotics because she is not totally convinced it is an infection. But seeing as he might have a new baby in a couple of days, she told me he earned antibiotics just in case - not so much for his sake as a precaution for the baby.

She also said she likes to do the circ for the baby, so to have the nurses call her and she'll come to the hospital and take care of it.

We had lunch with Aunt Sunny (Serrano's Jamacian Shrimp...delicious, BTW). I had a granita latte at Highland Coffees. "Ander, you want a milk." "No thank you. I share your coffee with you." Apparently, he meant it. I let him sip it about three times, and each time, he would suck and suck it. My child loves coffee. I know how it's not good for him, but I guess I didn't care today.

We picked up his meds and got home. We both took short naps (about an hour) and then I unloaded the baby's clothes while he built a fort (with empty boxes) and played on his computer.

Still, no contractions yet. WTH?!? I've been moving like crazy. I'm supposed to contract like everytime before. I do feel the baby in my pelvis (OUCH!!!) and I'm crampy, but nothing regular.



Mamaebeth said...

i didn't want to jinx it, but now that you aren't as anxious about going into labor (you know what i mean) labor might not start as soon as you think ;)

Call us this week-end if you need anything. Ander can come over in the middle of the night if he needs to.

The Horns Blog said...

Good luck I hope to hear that you had the baby soon and all went well. (Im from PW.)