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Saturday, September 6, 2008

6 More Days

On Friday, I will be off of bedrest. Freedom, sweet freedom. I feel so cut-off from society. A week of hurricane did not help. No computer. Friends are scattered all over. I want a tasty dinner and a two hour coffee shop visit. I want to play a board game. I want to watch a live sporting event (even if it's kickball ;)). I just cannot wait to get out of my own private jail.

Instead, I'll be catching up on work, cleaning my house, and getting ready for the baby to get here.

If Hurricane Ike cooperates.



Lacey Tackett said...


elle said...

talk about an eventful week...

Mathochist said...

I can only imagine how incredibly tough it must be for you. Since he can't say this yet, I will say it for him - THANK YOU for being such a great mommy and enduring such a difficult thing to keep your little guy developing where he needs to be!

Enjoy your first day of freedom! Prayers for a safe, quick delivery and a healthy, rooming-in baby!

Anonymous said...


I know how stressed this whole Gustav is making me, I can only imagine what it is doing to you. Be careful, take care of yourself and the baby (and Ander). And I guess Alan too, lol, he can take care of himself, eh.

Sending ya'll my best (from dial up on generator power).