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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home - No Baby Yet

What to say? I feel like a broken record. "We're in the hospital. I'm in labor! Opps, no I'm not. I'm home again." Oh my, this is getting old.

At 8 a.m., after a breakfast of veggie broth and yellow jello (um, no thank you...but I was listed the night before as in labor and not progressing, which could mean a c-section if the baby has trouble, so no solid food for me), they released me since I stopped dialating. I'm almost a 2. Almost. My cervix is 50% effaced. But the baby is not locked and loaded, which seems to be the trouble with progressing despite the contractions that where OMG F'ING TERRIBLE AND CAN I PLEASE HAVE AN EPIDURAL AND WHY THE HECK NOT IF I'M TRYING TO SLOW LABOR ANYWAY SURELY THAT WOULD FREAKIN' WORK AND ALAN WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SLEEP ON THAT COUCH WHEN I AM SCREAMING IN PAIN AND NEED TO YELL AT SOMEONE AND YOU DID THIS AND MY LAMAZE TEACHER IS A LYING LIAR BECAUSE EACH CONTRACTION DO NOT, IN FACT, BRING YOU CLOSER TO HAVING A BABY AND IF SOMEONE DOESN'T GET ME FOOD NOW I AM TOTALLY SNEAKING IN A SNICKERS BAR.

But I digress.

I'm home. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow! 36 weeks, people! My baby is going to be okay. He likely won't need the NICU. He is expected to, gulp, room-in and come home with me! My bags are now packed (hastily, by my poor sister last night) and I'll probably get to attend my other sister's baby shower. We pick up Ander tonight, but he was excellent in the hospital room with me until family could come and get him yesterday.

My doctor says at 37 weeks, if I contract like yesterday, he'll help me along. My bishop score is about a 4, so it just needs to get to a five and induction should work. We're not inducing, of course, unless there's a medical need or I'm already contracting every three minutes for hours, like yesterday, but my body cannot take active labor like this anymore.

My car is struck at the hospital (they wouldn't let me drive it home and with the traffic lights all out from Hurricane Gustav, the 20 minute hospital trip takes an hour and a half to two hours). Baby is active and with a strong heartbeat that is unaffected by my contractions.



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Mamaebeth said...

did the doctor release you to start walking?

Giftie Etcetera said...

I am still on pelvic rest but not bedrest. However, I am to only do activity "as tolerated" until 37 weeks. Whatever that means?