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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The induction will be scheduled for on or before September 30. In the meantime, if I start contracting again, the doctor will use pitocin and break my water, starting Friday. FRIDAY!!! He said, and I quote, "if you get yourself contracting again, I'm willing to meddle." He then clarified that meddling included pitocin and water breakage. He also said that, even if I don't try to start contractions, he expects me to likely go this weekend, based on my dialation (between 2 and 3), effacement (now 60%), baby position (engaged), soft cervix, and anterior placement of the cervix (was posterior on Monday). All good signs for success without a c-section!

Can I say panic attack?



Frog said...

Yeah! A baby soon!!

pacatrue said...

Have fun down there! ;)

missyc said...

Good to hear you're baby will be here soon and will be at term. Good Luck Mama!

Anonymous said...

At least we don't have to worry, the baby won't be called Ike or Gustav...Right? Good luck!