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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ode to Paca

As he turns 35, it seems it's time to celebrate old Paca's birthday. I only know one person who actually knows Paca in real life, but as an avid Paca blog reader, I feel some commendations are in order.

1. Paca has completed a marathon. Yep, a whole 26-mile one.

2. Paca cooks and does childcare, regularly. His wife enjoys equality and respect. He's a real man.

3. Paca is the smartest person Alan and I know, except for the math/science people. But as a humanities person, it's nice to have an idol.

4. Paca named himself after what is essential a long-necked sheep. I can only surmise that he has absolute self-confidence.

5. Paca has good taste in friends. We should judge people more by their taste in friends, I think.

Oh happy day, our wooly friend. (In the morning, technically, but I don't know the time in the Pacific, so maybe today.)


1 comment:

pacatrue said...

Wow. I'm humbled. I knew I chose my friends well.