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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Am Appalled

The local hurricane coverage SUCKS. There is lots of coverage of the projections, current status, and Katrina's impact three years ago. CNN and The Weather Channel are covering okay.

But WWL (through the website), WAFB (tv and website), and WBRZ (tv and website) SUCK. They are not updating evacuations or breaking in regularly with updates or anything. Our 24 hour news repeat channel is repeating last night's 10 p.m. news, at 4 p.m.

News stations, we need to know who needs to evacuate. We need to know when. Give your interns a chance to read the news into the camera. That's fine. But let us know what the heck to expect.

And Acsension Parish? You haven't closed schools. You haven't told us anything. And that is despite the fact that we are currently under a Hurricane Watch. (Note that EBR is not yet.) If you freakin' try to evacuate this very pregnant girl at the last minute, it will become my personal goal to vote out every parish leader. I kid you not.


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