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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Don't Even Know What To Say

At midnight, I started, quite suddenly, having contractions, including back labor. I've had an uneventful week, so they came as a SHOCK. They came regularly every 5 minutes. By 1 a.m., I managed to go to a restless, much-interrupted sleep. I dreamed about the contractions. I dreamed I pushed the baby out. I woke abruptly, at 4 a.m. Still contracting.

I took tylenol and benadryl. I took a hot bath. I contracted throughout the bath. I was so upset. I went back to bed, and managed to sleep, moaning and waking every five to seven minutes.

At 6:30 a.m., RING...RING...RING. It was one of my sister's. My parents and the two sisters who are not required to be at work are leaving town. Smart, I guess. Oh, except for the part where they are taking Airline THROUGH New Orleans and staying in the woods in Mississippi. Oh, and that one of the sisters was expected to stay with us. You know, if I go into labor? Her home in Baton Rouge was also our evacuation plan, since I have to stay near the NICU. Not anymore. I don't have a key or a way to get one.

My mom beeped in. Why don't I go with them? (Um, already contracting. AGAINST DOCTORS ORDERS NOT TO TRAVEL. NO NICU OPEN IN NEW ORLEANS OR THAT LITTLE HICK TOWN IN MISSISSIPPI THAT YOU ARE STAYING AT.) Why am I upset? (You are taking away my sitter if I go into labor?) The hospital will just have to deal if you bring Ander with you, right? (Sure, mom. Except that if I deliver, I'm delviering a preemie, so it's in the surgery area. They make no exceptions to the rule that no 2 year olds go in the surgical area - for good reason - which means me delivering BY MYSELF.) Why don't I just send Ander with them? (First, you make poor decisions. Case in point - you are leaving at the absolute last minute and driving towards New Orleans during a hurricane. Second, you might not be able to come back for a long time. Not months, certainly, but maybe a week. My kid is two. Yes, I'm sure you would take care of him. I get that. But he's two. I'm not sending him somewhere where I might not even be able to call him on the phone.)

They think I am being ridiculous for not going with them. Sigh.

And I'm still contracting. They are 10 minutes apart now. That is something, right.

This extra note is just for EBeth. MIL just called, and in Leesville...they cancelled church! Be sure to share that with your hubby in light of last night's conversation.