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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Will I Tell?

Considering all the "nonproductive" contractions and other symptoms (trust me, you don't want the details), how will I know when labor actually happens? Last night, I kept having contractions. They weren't THAT hard (as in, I didn't need an epi...LOL). My doctors know that I am having the symptoms. But all signs are that they are not productive. That's great news, at 30 weeks. I am taking it as easy as possible. I lie down a lot. I take naps. I work only as much as I have to.

But when real labor hits, I'm scared I won't recognize it. With Ander, my water broke. It wasn't a trickle; the doctors called it a gross rupture of the membranes. It was gross, but I suspect they use that term because it's a massive rupture. There was no doubt. This time, who knows. There may be doubt.

Alan said yesterday that he is scared we will end up with a NICU baby. It is scary. My one wish for this birth is that the baby stay in our room and come home with us from the hospital when I check out. Is that really too much to ask?



Frog said...

You are scaring me!! Please, please try and rest!!!

Anonymous said...

First I'll second the rest suggestion, but I'll add, make sure you are laying on your side.

Second, you'll know, maybe not at first, but you'll know. In my case the first real contractions I didn't realize were real, but thinking back later I knew when it all started. This is after months, and months (about 4) of fake contractions. They definatly got harder/more painfull, and closer together.

Miss-buggy said...

I hope you get your wish to come home with baby and baby stay with you. I immagine that once you have a NICU baby you will always be worried. I am worried about you!
Praying that you get your wish!