Friday, June 20, 2008


Wowser, Ander was demanding last night. He was hungry. So my sister gave him cheese and crackers (she was snacking on them herself). He ate a couple, and then demanded supper. It was almost supper time, so I told him to ask nicely, which he did, and made him leftover tacos. He started to eat them, and ate half of them, but then demanded I take them away. "Take meat, mommy." He yelled that three times (as I am walking towards him), thrush the taco bowl at me, and drops it. It splatters all over the floor. Gre-ate.

He asks for more food. I give him yogurt (since there are no tacos left). He eats two bites. Then, he smears yogurt all over the table and says "I done." Sigh.

After cleaning up, again, he asks for cereal. I was eating cereal at this point, so I gave him a small handful. He KNOWS to eat at the table, but keeps leaving the table with the cereal. When I warn that I will take away the cereal if he doesn't eat at the table, he shoves it ALL in his mouth. Yuck.

After the cereal fiasco, he wants more food. I say no, no more food tonight. He was playing and wasting and being stubborn, and I was done.

Then Alan walked in the door. And he tried to play the same game with his daddy. Sigh. (Alan was weak and wanted to cave, but to his credit, he did not cave!)

And so it started again this morning.

"Mommy, get out of bed. I want dinner." "Ask nice, Ander." "Please."

"Cereal?" "No." "Toast?" "No." "Waffles?" "Yes."

Mommy makes waffles.

Ander looks at them. "I want cereal."


Obviously, he got waffles. And I want a nap. It's 7:30 a.m.



Stac Cole said...

Is it wrong that I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard? :)

Frog said...

That was funny!! Sorry!! Atleast he can communicate better than my child! Right now we are trying to switch to a new sippy cup. When we give him the new ones, he takes a sip, then throws on the ground. Not good!!