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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Doctor's Appointment

My cervix is VERY LONG and closed, despite my recent contracting. I don't have to go back to the high risk specialist for 4 weeks, which is terrific news, since we have to find a sitter (overnight) for Ander in order to make our 8 a.m. appointments. (If we don't find a sitter, though, I guess I could always make Brendan spend the night at my house and watch Ander in the waiting room. Hmmm...good idea.)

The baby would not give us a good look, though, at his profile or face. He looked like...take your pic...a puppy, a camel, or a devil. The doctor said he saw an omen in there. :) I rather like Dr. Diket, despite his uncool name. He's funny and smart and lively. I could imagine having supper with him and laughing the whole time. And since he hasn't had to examine me (they just use the "probe" to check the cervix), I don't feel like he's seen too much. 'Cause who wants dinner with someone who's seen too much, right?

My blood pressure was high on the top reading, but not the bottom. Whatever that means. I've gained 16 pounds so far this pregnancy, which is fine. Oh, EXCEPT that I have 18 weeks to go! Sucks, really.



Stac Cole said...

Brendan is always available, and so am I actually. We have a babysitter coming over everyday so in a pinch he can spend the night and my house and stay with the sitter until y'all are done.

Alternatively, schedule appointments for Fridays and my mom can watch him for you...especially now that DJ is finished.

Frog said...

Yeah for good doctor's appointments.

Miss-buggy said...


elle said...

echoing frog. And I bad about replying to comments, but thanks for stopping by my place. Your comments always add something that illuminates or lets me see whatever I'm rambling about from a different perspective.