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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Intrigued

Occasionally, I work in a coffee shop in a neighboring town. It's very close (on teh way, actually) to the Office of Community Services, so on days when I have meetings there, I work at this particular coffee shop. I also run by Office Depot and Wal-mart for office supplies, if we need any. And, lately, I have a client who has a case in the area, so I sometimes drop by the courthouse to check the pleadings (though the lack of a ferry cramps my style).

I am intrigued (hence, my brilliant post title)by a pair of lesbians that frequent the coffee shop. Well, not by the ladies, per se, who seem to be just normal, quiet people, but by the reaction, or rather NONREACTION, of the people in the coffee shop. New Orleans is the next big city down the road, so I shouldn't be shocked that I never hear an unkind word or slur towards the lesbians, even after they cuddle in the booth (nothing more than a hug or something...nothing more, in fact far less, than Alan and I would do), hold hands, and are obvious about their coupledom. But I'm so used to living in a small town where somebody, almost guaranteed, would make an unkind remark either to them or as the leave, behind their back, that the total acceptance and tolerance is amazing to me.

I'm not claiming that people are thinking kind thoughts. But I can forgive people their stereotypes and prejudices, as long as people act appropriate. And kudos to the regulars at this coffee shop, for always acting appropriately. But I'm intrigued as to why. Because I bet that if someone did say an unkind word, I'd be one of the few people who actually would think it unkind.

Maybe society really is changing, at least a little bit, to be kinder to people who aren't just mainstream, "average" Americans. A girl can hope.



Stac Cole said...

Or, maybe what's changing is "mainstream, average, Americans."

Honestly, I think homosexuality is more acceptable than skin color in the south. I assure you, if they were of 2 different races..or rather if they were white and black (because Asians, Mexicans, etc. seems acceptable)..something would be said.

My thoughts? Society is coming to the realization that these types of things are no longer closeted (pun intended) issues. Mainstream TV shows and soap operas are blatantly putting it out there, so maybe people have just learned to deal with it?

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